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Had it been a decade or two ago, brands would not have given this importance to their digital presence. Today, all businesses, no matter how big or small they are, consider their digital presence a form of their brand’s expression. Talking of the digital world, the most important component is the website. A website enables the current and potential customers to access the business in the virtual world by simply clicking a button. Moreover, the majority of the customers first visit a brand’s website to discover how the brand appears. They then make a choice to either drop by the respective shop or maybe choose another one! Therefore, it would not be an exaggeration that a website is one of the few things about your brand that a person first comes across. As a website holds immense significance in determining the brand’s appearance, it is of utmost importance to ensure the quality of website development. Although website development is sometimes deemed quite a usual and ordinary task, it has various technicalities that only an experienced and skilled website developer can cater for.

What is Website Development?

Website development is a broad field that includes everything that goes into developing a website. There is a chain of steps behind the website you see, starting from the design to testing and configuration . The number of steps may vary with the project and its requirements; however, the major steps involved in the web development process are web design, content development, client-side/server-side scripting and network security configuration. One of the common misconceptions about website development is that it is only limited to design and development, whereas it also encompasses the updates and operations required to maintain and manage a website. So, website development is more than just delivering a website, because the process should also ensure the website’s optimal performance, speed, and user experience.

What are the types and tools of web development?

The three programming languages that are instrumental in developing a website are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Web development can be broadly classified into three types: back end, front end, and full stack development. Front end development, as the name says, deals with the client-facing side of the website. Therefore, this type of development is extremely important in determining how the brand appears and feels to the audience. On the other hand, bank end developers make sure that the website that looks perfect works in an optimal manner. Bank end development determines the functionality, speed, and responsiveness of the website. Both front-end and back-end development require a different skill set and knowledge of a distinct set of languages. Full stack developers are kind of all-rounders who are aware of each and every layer of development. At Get Digital advertising agency, we have all three, back-end, front-end, and full-stack developers, on our team. We work closely with our clients and design a custom plan for each project. Web development, if done right, can attract search traffic and improve the brand’s connectivity. So, let us know if you want to design a website that translates the worth of your business!

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