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What is PPC?

A form of digital marketing that is gaining immense popularity is Pay-per-click advertising. PPC checks all boxes for reliability and quick results. Moreover, it improves visibility on search engines, and PPC visitors are much more likely to convert. It is a model that is used across various internet platforms. PPC, as the name says, is such a digital marketing model where the business pays for each click that their ads receive. These ads include a wide variety: search ads that are more or less similar to the search results on search engines like google, yahoo etc, display ads that are graphic ads often made up of text, image or video advertisements that attract the user to click-through to a landing page and resultantly take action, social-media ads that target a specific sub audience on the particular social media platform. However, “PPC” functions in different ways across all of these platforms, but the similarity is that all of these types are focused on the function of paying for each ad click.

Power of Keywords:

The model of pay-per-click is based on keywords. Therefore, keyword research holds immense significance for successful PPC campaigns. Online ads appear on search engines only when someone searches a keyword related to the product or service they are looking for. Therefore, companies need to come up with the keywords that are most applicable and suitable to their products or services. Investing in irrelevant keywords will not lead to fruitful results or higher profits. At GetDigital, our experts use the latest tools to carry out keyword research and analysis. So, we will choose for you the best keywords possible! 

Unlike search engine optimization, PPC does not drive “organic” traffic growth. One of the most important features of PPC advertising is its ability to generate results overnight – as soon as the ad goes live.  Therefore, PPC is an ideal solution for the businesses who want to be benefitted from a short-term marketing window for some special event, product launch, seasonal sales etc. 

PPC is so quick that once the ads are launched, they immediately appear in search results. As a result, the ads will begin to attract clicks/conversions. However, it is not as simple as it sounds. PPC campaigns should be planned keeping in consideration the goals and scope of the campaign. Our PPC experts focus on attracting high-value audiences and use efficient bid strategies to get desired results.

Advantages of PPC:

  • Unlike other advertising methods, PPC is highly measurable and trackable. You will get hold of performance details based on the business goals, such as  impressions, clicks, and conversions. 

  • PPC is ideal for small business, as it has a lot of budget flexibility to offer. Businesses, according to their budget, can set their own ad budget and bids. However, it has to be close to the market rate.  

  • PPC advertising offers highly tailored solutions through ads that focus on specific audience demographics. Moreover, PPC campaigns target those people who aren’t already in the audience along with those that have been previously exposed to the brand.  

  • PPC advertising offers more control to the businesses, starting from choosing the keywords, ad placement, and remarketing targets. 

At Get Digital, we have been providing PPC advertising for various B2B and B2C companies successfully. We suggest that you try out PPC advertising once to find out how helpful it would be to your business. Get in touch with us today! 

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